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July 30, 2012

Kartu Kehadiran Seminar Skripsi

Alhamdulillaaah ya Allah... Hari ini kelar juga urusan ngejar-ngejar dosbing buat bimbingan dan minta tanda tangan surat tanda persetujuan seminar. Baru bisa napas agak lega rasanya sekarang setelah bapaknya neken surat persetujuan itu trus pas ngasih ke jurusan daaan dapat kartu kehadiran seminar ini:
tanpa kartu ini, nggak bisa menghadiri seminar teman lain *aku padamu ooh kartu*
Akhirnya saya bisa menghadiri dan mengoleksi tanda tangan buat sah ikut seminar skripsi juga. Thanks God, You really saved me!

Besok udah saya udah mulai bertugas menjadi pembahas makalah skripsi temen pas sesi II. Semoga lancar dan nggak malu-maluin. Semangat lah ya Nana! Pasti segera lulus lalu wisuda 6 Oktober 2012 ini bareng temen-temen angkatan 50 lainnya. Insya Allah, dimudahkan juga jalan kesana oleh Allah koook. Amiiiin... Amiiiin...
July 28, 2012

Lovely Giveaways from Lovely Lue

Hai hai dear ladies... Long time no news from me. I've been busy with the thesis. So yeah, I am kinda lazy and hard to write anything here. Haha, forget it, it doesn't sound interesting to be told to you., I have come back to bring you such a nice post about Lovely Lue by Lulu Putri Wijaya. What a pity if you do not know her. She is very very very talented young, pretty, aaand beautiful mom to be (she is being a preggy woman right now anyway) heheh. Her blog is full of beautiful and pretty things she made by herself. Yeah, you will find many interesting stories about her life too in her blog. I hardly remember the first time I read her blog, but for sure, I have been such a loyal reader of her blog for about 1 year or more. FYI, after reading her 100's giveaways' post, I could'nt get enough, I was like crazy reading her entire blogpsots form the EPISODE 1! Really! I love her blog and its writer too! LOL!

I remember telling my self, "IF I DO NOT READ THIS AWESOME BLOG, I WILL REGRET MANY THINGS YOU KNOW, NANA!" Ha! That was the moment I immediately clicked "follow" via Google Friend Connect (GFC).

Aaand... for celebrating her 200 followers of her blog, she held this giveaway for her blogger follower and nonblogger follower. Ask me what you're gonna get. These!

for her Blogger Follower. There will be 5 winners for theseee...

Lovely Lue's Giveaways
for her Non Blogger Follower. There will be 4 winners for these one.

isn't that beautiful and precious? *drooling*
If you wanna join, just go to her blog and tell her "Since when it is exaclty you start reading her blog"in her comment's blog box. You can find complete information there for sure.

I hope I will be one of the winners Cece Lulu chooses! I hope so. Amin amin... Hihi :))

Good luck anyway pretty ladies... ;)
pssst... for more information, just click link below the picture or... HERE :))