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About Blog

Stories behind Blog

I have known blog for very long time and I would like to read many blogs in my spare time. I have wanted so many times to write everything in my life in a blog of mine too so I can review my life. But sadly I always ended up deleting blogs I created again & again because of feeling terrible about what I had written. Another time, I feel so ashamed to reveal myself to the world. After taking much considerations and thoughts, I came to a conclusion: I don't want to be that way forever, ever. So, I'm struggling against myself not to think much about the fear and start this blog and want to take it seriously. 

Why am I Blogging?

I just don't want miss a thing in life, so I decide to write in a blog again. I want to share my stories (which can be an inspiring to others like I am inspired from other blogs in many ways), share my ideas, my experiences in many things and my artworks I created. This is my place to learn to write good and better too. I really want to be a good story-teller.

"All authors will die, only their work that will continue forever. Then write something that you can be happy in the next life
- Sayidina Ali bin Abi Talib


Right now, this blog will contain stories about me, what I like, love, and feel. But, I really try not to use this blog as a diary, it will be boring to my readers (I know). I would write in this blog as my reaction to the life I am going through in my perspective. So, it is much personal. 

Little facts of me:
  • You'll likely find anything related to photography here since I love art of photography. 
  • I am mesmerized by many cute clothes, stunning skirts, lovely shawl, beautiful accessories, and tempting shoes and so on. You will find more about those kind of things too here.
  • I love gadgets! Yes! Who does not? In this advanced technology era? I really really do. I can't help but falling in love with many cool gadgets nowadays. There are many super cool gadgets to see and drool on everyday. I will be very happy to be a reviewer for new gadgets ^.^. Could I get a chance? Ok, I'll do to review some in this blog, if I have chance and mood. No doubt you will find any reviews of gadgets here too.
  • And, I'm madly in love with makeup sooo much right now! I'm an enthusiast to watch beauty gurus on youtube giving their tutorial or suggestions about makeup. I can't help it for sure. FYI, I am a truly fan of Michelle Phan's vlog on youtube. She is the best MUA I have ever known! Yeah, art is a fantastic world. Fascinating! And I also love Lisa Eldridge! She is such a talented makeup artist and goddess!
I'm gonna write in Indonesian and English here, it is similar to minang saying, "Sakarek ula, sakarek baluik". It depends on my mood. Please, bare yourself, my readers ;) 

My Hopes for this Blog

I hope many people can be happy as well as helped after reading my blogposts. I know how great the feeling you have after visiting blogs, read people's writings and get helps in so many ways, feeling so thankful for what they've written honestly. 

Hopefully, you all have fun here in my blog like I do. 
Don't forget to come again, I am glad to welcome you here anytime ;))